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Dec 31 12


by leslie

Our federal government is as dysfunctional as most toxic families today. The president represents the parent, overstepping its authority, bossing around the children and robbing them of their independence. The Republicans represent the male side of the family, strong and pro military, no patience with the old and infirm. The Democrats represent the female side, weak bleeding hearts afraid to stand up for what’s right, always trying to bail out the underdog, robbing him/her of their independence. It’s no wonder the government can’t get anything productive done. This cliff hanging business finally shows their true incompetence.

The two parties have taken their labels as their identities and refuse to change, evolve or grow up. The nation is disgusted with their childish bickering. No matter what they decide, the country is going over the cliff into financial oblivion. Neither party has the country’s welfare in mind, only segments of it. Why do the Democrats keep bringing up the military budget while the Republicans bring up Social Security? Why isn’t the rest of the government on the table? Why isn’t the total cost of running our government discussed? I could take a red pencil to most of those departments and balance the budget in short order.

The entire cost of our government is beyond our ability to pay for it. And we don’t need most of it. It only gets in our way. We need to demand an entire shrinkage of the federal government. I would start with Obamacare, which is one of the worst pieces of legislation ever passed. It ruins insurance coverage while setting up a bureaucracy unseen in this country, but similar to those in Hitler’s Germany. The cost is prohibitive. Unless repealed, it alone will push us over the cliff, never to see freedom in the marketplace again. It is tyrannical.

Of course the Republicans voted for it, but now don’t want to pay for it with higher taxes on the “rich.” Obamacare was set up to be funded from taxes on the middle and rich classes. Oops! Didn’t the Republicans read the bill before supporting it?

Getting back to our dysfunctional government, there are many institutional problems that need to be fixed. Our government as it operates today is incapable of fixing it. Here is what I suggest:

The presidency has too much power, pushing legislation detrimental to the country. It needs to lose its executive orders privilege. Power must revert back to Congress, which must assume its rightful responsibility of passing fair laws with justice to all. Congress must stop looking to the president as their leader. Congress must lead with the entire country in mind and honoring the Constitution. Making deals with big pharmaceuticals, oil companies, milk industry, farm subsidies, military/industrial complex, etc., etc. will not do. That’s one of the biggest downfalls of this country. Congress must stand for something other than special interest groups.

Congress needs to declare its independence from its parent, the president. Congress must put on the blindfold of justice and seek fair legislation, not seeking aid for one group over an other.

I could go on and on, but until the public demands responsible elected officials nothing will change. If the electorate knew the scores in Congress as well as it knows the sports scores, we would have an informed electorate receiving the justice it expects from the government it’s paying for.

As with every toxic family, someone must pull away from the group and stand independently, willing to take responsibility for its actions. The president sure won’t. Who will it be? Or maybe we must traverse the fiscal cliff to hit rock bottom before the country wakes up.

This is what I wrote about in 1974 in “Why Gold?” The answers to all these problems are in the book. That’s why I revised it in 2010. I hope you’ll educate yourself to not only save yourself and family from tyranny, but to keep the United States a free country.

Dec 22 12


by leslie


Dear Sir:
The Republican Party seems to be in disarray and without an agenda, while the Democrats have a clear-cut plan to socialize the United States. As House Speaker you are not leading, but allowing the country to struggle as it loses its fundamental principles. I am suggesting that you lead your party back to the Constitution for the safety of your party as well as the country.

The current predicament facing the nation is a result of lines dividing the parties and the nation. I propose that you take a good look at what you are proposing and consider using common sense to steer us back to reality. For example, why are you determined to cut Medicare and Social Security when there are countless bloated departments that need trimming? Several come to mind: the FDA which you gave unprecedented power is interfering with private business is way too big with a bureaucracy setting its own rules of conduct, acting unconstitutionally. Others are the FTC, FCC, the Dept. of Education, which should be repealed, TSA, BLM, etc., etc. All of these should be chopped in half for the good of the country.

Since your party distanced itself from Ron Paul’s platform, the Republicans have nowhere to go and no principles to guide it. The country is being socialized by the Democrats because they have a plan and you don’t. The Republicans are looking pretty sad these days as it parries with the Democrats and loses. The Constitution should be your guideline. Without it we’re all lost.

May I suggest that you agree to raising tax rates on incomes over $250,000, remove the limit on the social security tax, reinstate the social security tax to support that program nearly everyone depends on, and stop protecting the rich. President Bush really hurt the country with his favoring the rich schemes. It’s time to act with fairness to everyone. Leave Social Security and Medicare alone for now and go after all the other fat departments, with at least 25% spending cuts. It’s okay to allow some spending cuts in the Defense budget. It’s bloated too.

Now to deal with the Democrats, put the responsibility on them to cut spending in all departments which is only fair considering how big they have all grown in the last 15 years. When the spending cuts are instituted, the budget will balance. We are all sick of watching the two parties bicker like children over their pet programs and ignore the rest of the government. Most Americans want smaller government. So cut the spending across the board and bigger cuts in some areas, like the FDA and TSA. This is common sense to most of us watching this disgusting exhibition of lack of courage and principles.

By the way, President Obama has nothing to lose by sticking to his plan. It’s his last term and he doesn’t care if he throws the country into chaos. He loves chaos, where he can push his agenda. See what he’s doing with the killings in Connecticut. The media is selling his gun control agenda. Where are you and the Republican Party? Are you defending our Second Amendment rights? You’re allowing yourselves to go with the flow and selling out the American people and their inalienable right to bear arms (no limits).

Mitt Romney lost because he didn’t have strong Constitutional principles. Neither do you. If you don’t realize what you are doing, no one will be protecting this country from socialism. Can you step up to the plate and save us from ourselves? Do you have the courage to cut spending and shrink the government? (If you need further education I refer you to my book Why Gold? which I wrote in 1974, revised in 2010, and holds true today.)

We are counting on you to lead this country away from socialism and big government. Do it!

Leslie Bates,

Dec 20 12


by leslie

We already have gun control. All guns are registered when they are purchased, except for criminals of course. Only criminals and government want gun controls. The federal government wants to go far beyond banning assault weapons, but using the current anti-gun atmosphere is another step toward confiscating our guns, which it’s been trying to do for decades.

Our government uses tragedies, catastrophes and emergencies to push its agenda. The latest killings of 20 innocent children in Connecticut will add fuel to the gun control craze sweeping the country as the media builds the government’s case for gun control. Missing from the equation, however, is coverage of law-abiding, innocent citizens who use their firearms in self-protection. The media and government ignore the fact that “studies indicate that firearms are used more than 2 million times a year for personal protection and that the presence of a firearm, without a shot being fired, prevents crime in many instances…” (America’s 1st Freedom, January 2013, p. 28).

Also ignored is the fact that wherever guns are banned, crime soars. This is common sense. Criminals will not be deterred by outlawing gun ownership, even assault rifles. But with gun ownership, innocent lives have been saved. For one example, “Kendra St. Clair, a 12-year-old at home alone one day during her fall break, called her mother at work to say there was a man repeatedly ringing the doorbell and banging on the door. When no one answered the door, she said he disappeared. St. Clair’s mother instructed her daughter to get her .40-cal. Glock pistol and go into a bathroom closet. St. Clair heard him break in through the back door. As the man made his way through her home, 9-1-1 dispatchers kept St Clair on the phone. He was inside the home for approximately six minutes before he made his way to the bathroom where St. Clair was hiding. When she saw the doorknob begin to turn, she fired the gun. The 32-year-old intruder was taken into custody after being treated for a gunshot to the chest.” (The Oklahoman, Durant, Okla., 10/20/12, as quoted in America’s 1st Freedom). If this were your daughter, wouldn’t you be grateful you owned a gun? Innocent citizens, young and old, at home and at work, have protected themselves because they were armed.

More to the point, the right to bear arms is as fundamental as the right to life, liberty and property. It was the private ownership of guns that won the American Revolution. When Sam Adams cried, “To arms! To arms! Turnout with your guns!”, forty thousand New Englanders were ready to march for the liberation of Boston. Today, with government expanding its power into our lives with its regulations, inflation, wars, taxation, welfarism, laws intruding on private conduct, etc., we may have to resort to guns to refresh the tree of liberty, as Thomas Jefferson suggested.

The time to fight tyranny is when people still have their constitutional rights, and arms to protect and defend those rights. An unarmed populace is a ruled populace. Only armed citizens are free and can retain their freedom, by force, if necessary. Don’t be lulled into thinking all is secure. History has proven that governments are not to be trusted, and ours is no exception. The U.N. Arms Trade Treaty, which the Obama administration is supporting, is supposed to be for international trade only. Personally, since history has taught me to distrust government, I don’t trust the U.N. to have our best interest at heart. Furthermore, President Obama seems to be doing all he can to weaken the United States.

In 1798, the Philadelphia Aurora printed the Dinwiddie County, Virginia resolutions that opposed regular armies as dangerous to liberty. Here are excerpts: “… [standing armies] have always been subservient to the views of the Executive Department, from which they derive their honors and emoluments…; because a people, accustomed to look for protection from external violence to a standing army, become abject, debased, and gradually enslaved; but knowing themselves to be the only defenders of their country, soon acquire that discipline and courage which insure safety, not only from foreign enemies but domestic tyrants…” (Justice or Revolution, Leslie Snyder Bates, 1980, p. 171.)

The strongest countries arm their citizens. Switzerland has never been conquered and needs no standing army. Every able-bodied man between the ages of 18 and 45 owns a rifle and is trained to use it. Finland was the only country to repel Russian military advances during WWII and remained free. They had a self-disciplined, well-trained, highly armed citizenry. Israel exists today because of its armed citizenry.

In 1976, Ferris E. Lucas, Executive Director of the National Sheriffs’ Association, said, “If our guns are taken away from us, murders and robberies will increase. If law-abiding citizens had no guns for protection, and the only people with guns were the criminals, we would be helpless.” Los Angeles Chief of Police Edward Davis said privately owned guns provide personal and national defense. (Ibid, p. 173.)

Gun control is really people control. The evil of gun control is it opposes all sense of justice. It proves there is no end to government’s arrogant, diabolical and tyrannical intentions. More crimes are committed because more criminals are walking the streets due to our lax justice system, not because law-abiding citizens are in possession of firearms which they are using in a responsible manner. Guns were confiscated in Germany, Czechoslovakia, Hungary, and Cuba before dictatorships took over.

“When states passed gun carry laws, the number of multiple-victim shootings declined by 84 percent. Deaths from these shootings plummeted on average by 90 percent and injuries by 82 percent. The total number of accidental gun deaths each year is about 1,300 and each year such accidents take the lives of 200 children 14 years of age and under. However, these regrettable numbers of lives lost need to be put into some perspective with the other risks children face. Despite over 200 million guns owned by between 76 to 85 million people, the children killed is much smaller than the number lost through bicycle accidents, drowning, and fires. Children are 14.5 times more likely to die from car accidents than from accidents involving guns.” (Interview with John R. Lott, author of More Guns, Less Crime: Understanding Crime and Gun Control Laws, 1998.)

No laws to limit gun ownership should be passed at this time when emotions are running high. Any movement to disarm Americans must be met with absolute resistance. Gun control is immoral and unconstitutional. All officials who violate their oath of office by advocating and/or supporting gun control laws are guilty of attempting to subvert the Constitution. That’s treason!
Leslie Bates,

Dec 12 12


by leslie

The new catch phrase in the news is the Fiscal Cliff. What and where is it? This Cliff has been erroneously erected by the news media who are their usual ignorant selves. The Cliff has actually been in existence for about 100 years, since the formation of the Federal Reserve System. We have been falling off of it for nearly 100 years. The country is really closer to the bottom of the cliff than the top. The latest hoopla about the fiscal cliff ignores the fact that the dollar is nearly worthless as a result of the central bank’s (FRS) inflationary policy.

When will we hit bottom? Depends on what you want to call the bottom. If you’re retired and living on Social Security and running short on income, it probably feels like the bottom. If you can’t afford to stop working and retire, then you’re bouncing along the bottom. If the Democrats get away with not cutting spending while continuing to increase the national debt to spend outrageous amounts of money on social causes, wars, pork barrel projects, etc., etc., the bottom will be reached sooner rather than later. We will all feel it differently. In any case, it will hurt. The pain will radiate out from the pocketbook to all extremities. It will be extremely painful.

There is a cure. Elimination of the central bank, the Federal Reserve is paramount. Reigning in federal spending to match federal income (without a huge tax increase) is another. I wrote “WhyGold?” in 1974 and revised it in 2010. It goes into depth about the economic tyranny being propagated on the unsuspecting American public and its solution. When you understand the principles of what the government is doing, then you can protect yourself, your family and change government policies through your elected representatives. It is not too late to force government to change. We need an educated populace.

Let’s hear it for the Constitution! Let’s try FREEDOM for a change! FREEDOM FOREVER! Here’s hoping for a soft landing as WE make the fiscal cliff disappear into a golden sunset.

Jun 12 12


by leslie

Did the Federal Reserve know that by lowering interest rates along with lower borrowing standards it would create a real estate boom? Was it only looking for increasing profits for the banking, construction and mortgage industries? Did it realize it was borrowing construction spending from the future? Did it realize that booms always bust? If it was aware of what it was doing, then its actions were criminal. If it wasn’t aware of the consequences of its actions, then it’s incompetent and not qualified to run the United States’ central bank. Which do you think it is? Perhaps both!

The refinancing boom of the early 2000s was well documented. A friend of mine mentioned that her son worked for a bank in the refinancing department. He was make so much money that when his wife divorced him, she received $3,000/month alimony. They were very proud of their highly successful son’s career. Several years later after the bust, this same son was out of a job, had a new wife and child, and had to live with his parents (my friends) for several years until he found a job with a railroad company in the Midwest. Obviously, they didn’t realize he was at the forefront of the boom and that booms bust.

Why aren’t people aware of such a phenomenon? I was reading a novel written about life in a small town in the 1920s where real estate was booming. People would buy a property for say $10,000 in the morning and sell it later in the day for $20,000. Then go buy another property for $20,000 and sell it for $40,000. They were making fortunes within weeks. What gave the property a higher value? Was it scarce or had it been improved? No, there was no reason for the higher price except the government’s usual interference in the marketplace with an extremely liberal monetary policy. Why didn’t the people realize that? Had no one heard  there is no such thing as a free lunch? Or, if it looks too good to be true, it usually is. How can people blind themselves to reality? I don’t know, but they do and still are.

The Tea Party represents a small percentage of the general public and is aware of the Federal Reserve’s destructive behavior. The rest of the populace are blind to the machinations of the federal government. I guess they believe ignorance is bliss. I hope they are enjoying their holiday from reality.

More importantly, what did the real estate boom of the early 2000s really create? First, since the stock market topped out in 2000, a lot of investors were looking for another place to invest. They found the real estate market.  Billions of dollars went chasing real estate all across the country. My husband and I were looking for some land to build on in eastern Washington State, where prices were usually reasonable. We looked for years until we realized the boom had placed land beyond our reach. An acre which cost roughly $10,000 in the early 2000s, had by mid-2000s cost $25,000 an acre. Unless we wanted to move close to the Canadian border, there was no land we could afford in southeast Washington.

Second, billions of dollars pushed land values way beyond the actual worth of the land. How do I know this? Because when the Federal Reserve realized what it had done, it changed the rules, and land values plummeted. Houses that cost $250,000, $400,000 or $800,000 fell to less than half that all across the country. Fortunes were lost. But the value of the over-priced houses are still on the banks’ books. They make available a few houses at a time so property values don’t keep dropping, which they would.  We hear about upside-down mortgages, where values of houses are much less than the mortgages on them, where people are paying high-interest mortgages on houses worth a fraction of the mortgage. They can watch others refinance their mortgages at the lowest mortgage rates in history. Only a government agency could cause something called an upside-down mortgage. Banks are filled with over-priced houses, some deserted, some making payments. But if the balance sheets were audited to reflect current market values, the banks would be in dire straights. And they are. So the banks can’t revalue their assets lest they prove insolvent. Therefore, the Federal Reserve in order to rescue the banks has been easing interest rates down to zero. Banks can take in deposits without paying interest. That’s a first! How long will that last? Apparently years, since the Fed says it’s going to keep interest rates down until at least 2015.

That means that everyone with any money is helping to bail out the banks. My mother who usually takes out a little money each month to supplement her social security, is now dipping into her principle. Retirement age people must save money and they are, but without receiving any interest. That’s an automatic loss of 5%. Even during the Great Depression banks paid 4%. The banking industry is in far worse condition now. Since there are no relatively safe investments drawing interest at a nominal 4 or 5% interest, pension plans are being dissolved at a constant rate because they can’t keep up with entitlements. And those still in existence are having their payments reduced to reflect the lower interest rates. All who hold dollars are being indirectly taxed to support the banks.

How long will this last? Did the Federal Reserve know this was going to happen? It was trying to help out the banks and the economy by enticing people who couldn’t afford a house to buy one anyone, knowing a balloon payment was due in 5 years. The Federal Reserve either didn’t  care that these people wouldn’t be able to come up with the balloon payment and would lose their house, or they didn’t see 5 years ahead to predict this, or only wanted the boom without realizing it would eventually bust. Anyway you look at it, the Federal Reserve is derelict in its duty or simply criminal in its behavior.

With the 100 anniversary of the Federal Reserve next year, we should seriously consider ending it. A look at the value of the dollar since its inception proves the incompetency of the Federal Reserve and the damage it has caused since the boom/bust of the 1920s, the Great Depression, continuing inflation since WWII, booms and busts throughout the last 60 years, the Great Recession which is still with us, and the falling purchasing power of the dollar to just pennies compared to the 1913 dollar. The Fed was created to eliminate the boom and bust cycle. Not only has it not eliminated booms and busts, but has made them deeper and more dangerous. The Fed has failed on all counts. End the Fed now and save the country.

Apr 20 12


by leslie

We’re going from shirtsleeves to shirtsleeves in three generations thanks to our federal government’s programs of inflation and confiscatory taxation. Worse yet is that we are going from mattress to mattress in three generations. Our grandparents didn’t trust banks so they kept their money in their mattress and didn’t bother with the lost interest. They knew from experience that banks could collapse at any time. Today we receive no interest on our savings accounts and banks aren’t safe either. Perhaps we should save our money in our mattress, especially since the government is trying to do away with actual paper money. The government would like nothing better than to send out digits to some account somewhere where no physical dollars are exchanged, and to force us to do the same, eliminating dollars altogether. 

Remember that Fed Chairman Bernanke said that money is only digits. Money has no real value. That’s why the Fed doesn’t worry about printing too much of it. To illustrate his point that money has no real value, he  took a match to a dollar in front of Congress. Thus they both missed the point. If you want to survive the coming debacle you’ll need some form of money. Since US dollars have been recognized for hundreds of years, people will accept them as a medium of exchange. My suggestion to you is that you start saving them. When they are outlawed in favor of  make-believe digits, I suggest you put them under your mattress. May your bed be lumpy and your sleep sound.

Dec 1 11


by leslie

The federal government has no incentive to fix the economy, to return to freedom or to save the country. It thrives on emergencies where it grabs more power through legislation to try to “fix” what it broke in the first place. The government create the Great Depression and used it to socialize political thinking. Today it has created another depression and is using it to expand its power. It will not fix the economy by de-regulating businesses, balancing the budget,or allowing market forces to bring order to the country. Why should it?

Governments create chaos to use it to their advantage. Our government almost came to a stop last summer. It formed a committee to figure out where it could cut spending to balance the budget. That deadline passed last month and no concensus was found. Where was the hue and cry to get government spending under control? Our government is de-stablizing the entire world with its inflationary, low interest rate policies, made possible by the Federal Reserve System. All the central banks are in trouble. Are any of them doing what they should be doing to strengthen their currency and economy? No! Are any of them balancing their budgets? No! All governments are in it together as they march toward a one world government! All we need is a global monetary crisis and the U.S. will lie down and give up “our” rights to whoever promises the fix the problem. They can see the end of the race, which is to destroy this country.

We are losing are rights at an unprecedented rate and who is complaining? Most Americans can’t even understand what I’m writing. Sports statistics are on the tip of their tongue. But what their representatives in government are doing is beyond them, nor do they care to find out.

The enemy is running for the finish line. They can see the end in sight. The average American doesn’t even realize he’s in a race for his life. Ron Paul is the ONLY candidate who sees clearly. Unless Americans wake up soon, all is lost. Government will not fix the economy or protect our rights.

By all means possible, the government is stealing our Second Amendment right to bear arms. It is giving away our rights to the UN. President Obama has outlawed the M1 rifle and stopped all importation to the country and will destroy the millions already here. The enemy is at our gates! There is no incentive for government to fix anything. We must force government to respect our rights. Supporting Ron Paul is the strongest way to protect ourselves. If Ron Paul isn’t elected, it won’t matter who is. Support Ron Paul Do it NOW!

Nov 4 11


by leslie

Our federal government is out of control. It grows like a cancer eating up our freedom and liberty. There is only one person who understands this, Ron Paul. He is the only candidate qualified to be president because he knows the cure. The cure is to cut away the cancer, to shrink government and its power, to reinstate our freedom.  All other candidates are unaware of the insidious spread of the federal government. They would leave it alone. But the body politic is dying.

Did you know that the TSA has spread beyond airports, that it is on the streets stopping innocent citizens going about their lives? Did you know that the FDA has its people shutting down dairies that don’t pasteurize milk and closing down organic food co-ops? If this isn’t government run riot, then what is? These are examples of tyranny.

The bureaucrats are running amok, far exceeding the legal mandate Congress gave them. These power hungry groups that Congress created to protect us are actually harming us. They have their own agendas to follow, and our rights are not part of their agenda. If we don’t stop them NOW, they will over run us.

Dr. Paul understands that the federal government must be dismantled in the same way it was created. He proposes to eliminate the Dept. of Education, the Federal Drug Administration, the Federal Reserve System, and others. This must be done–the sooner the better. This is the only way to stop government’s power. We must get this message to everyone else.

The federal government is doing violence on its citizens. It is robbing them of the purchasing power of the dollar (by inflating the credit and currency to expand government). It is impoverishing the middle class, which is the working backbone of the country. Its tentacles have bought off nearly every voter through federal money. Who isn’t receiving federal money–elderly, students, small businesses, home owners and buyers, lenders and bankers, stock market brokers demanding cheap money. Who isn’t bought off or working for the federal government? What price this free or cheap money? Your liberty!

Ron Paul is the only candidate who knows what to do about it. The media understand this, so they ignore him and hope he goes away. It is imperative that everyone understand that we are trading our freedom for a depreciating currency. In the end, we will have no money and no freedom. We are being enslaved.

As president, Ron Paul can stop this insidious cancer from killing us. It must be done at this time, at this 2012 election. If he doesn’t win, it won’t matter who does. George Washington was not happy about leaving Mt. Vernon to fight in the American Revolution. But he realized the time had come to do something about England’s enslavement of  the colonies. He gave all he had.

NOW is the time for us to stop our enslavement. It must be done NOW while we still have free elections and we have a candidate who knows what to do. Every vote should go to Ron Paul–every Democrat, Republican, Independent, Libertarian and so on. Unless the tide is turned now, it won’t matter what political party you belong to.  We’ve had Democrats and Republicans since Thomas Jefferson shouting their promises of what they could do for us. In reality, what they’ve done is enslave us. None of them have protected our rights. Without our rights, nothing else matters. There’s only one candidate who is talking about securing our rights by dismantling the government which is usurping our rights by its cancerous growth.

Ron Paul, Dr. Ron Paul, is the ONLY candidate who will kill the cancer, save the Republic, secure our property, install rationality, common sense and American values into government. We must elect him and to do so, we must all join together to save the country. NOW is the time for all good men to come to the aid of their country. That means you!

Aug 17 11

The Republicans & Democrats are Half-Brained

by leslie

The Republicans are all head and no heart. The Democrats are all heart and no head. Let me explain. Republicans are usually for low taxes, small federal government and pro-business. They’re also for the right to bear arms and support wars, including a war on drugs; against abortion or pro-life; and seeking government support for the stock market, banks and their own projects. They are hard-headed businessmen without heart. Democrats are for high taxes to redistribute the wealth of other Americans, large federal government to implement programs to feed the poor, educate everyone, provide foreign & domestic aid to all, provide social services to everyone for every little thing. Democrats spend easily without thought of consequences. They want to take care of everyone; no one should suffer or struggle. They are bleeding hearts who feel without reason. My own senator, Patty Murray, comes to mind. I don’t think she’s ever found a government program that she didn’t support; money no object. Democrats support the right to an abortion, to do drugs, have a job, health insurance and a chicken in every pot. They oppose gun ownership.

Neither the Republicans or the Democrats are balanced. Neither one are for a sound currency backed by gold, because that would limit their power and control. A whole brained approach would include both right and left hemispheres and different outcomes. Our inalienable rights with the Bill of Rights are not to be divided between two parties and the voter left to choose which group of rights he wants at that time and what he’s willing to give up. The federal government has successfully used this approach to divide and conquer the nation.

The Democrats and the Republicans ought to be supporting the Constitution, which gives us all of our rights while diminishing none of them. Since they have proven that their own agendas are more important than our rights, we the people must demand our rights. A good place to start is supporting Ron Paul, who uses his whole brain. He supports the Constitution and eliminates those programs running contrary to it. He is the only truly qualified candidate for president.

We don’t have to settle for half-brained schemes. Republicans and Democrats who support individual rights over big government power deserve our support. Don’t let politicians keep pulling the wool over your eyes. Let them know you want all your rights and freedoms back. No more trying to take away our right to bear arms! No more high taxes, deficit-spending and inflation! No more destroying the dollar! Demand the right to own guns, gold, drugs, property, decide to abort or not to abort (not government’s domain or decision). We are a FREE people and ought to act like it. Let’s try FREEDOM for a change!

Aug 17 11

Where’s Ron Paul?

by leslie

Where is news coverage for Ron Paul? Where’s his big showing in Iowa? Why is everyone, but Ron Paul, discussed? Ron Paul is the only truly  qualified candidate for president. Perry, Romney, Trump, etc. are all the same empty vessels. I want to hear about Ron Paul and what he stands for.

I’ve been emailing newspaper editors around the country asking for Ron Paul coverage. Please do the same. Thanks