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by leslie on December 22nd, 2012


Dear Sir:
The Republican Party seems to be in disarray and without an agenda, while the Democrats have a clear-cut plan to socialize the United States. As House Speaker you are not leading, but allowing the country to struggle as it loses its fundamental principles. I am suggesting that you lead your party back to the Constitution for the safety of your party as well as the country.

The current predicament facing the nation is a result of lines dividing the parties and the nation. I propose that you take a good look at what you are proposing and consider using common sense to steer us back to reality. For example, why are you determined to cut Medicare and Social Security when there are countless bloated departments that need trimming? Several come to mind: the FDA which you gave unprecedented power is interfering with private business is way too big with a bureaucracy setting its own rules of conduct, acting unconstitutionally. Others are the FTC, FCC, the Dept. of Education, which should be repealed, TSA, BLM, etc., etc. All of these should be chopped in half for the good of the country.

Since your party distanced itself from Ron Paul’s platform, the Republicans have nowhere to go and no principles to guide it. The country is being socialized by the Democrats because they have a plan and you don’t. The Republicans are looking pretty sad these days as it parries with the Democrats and loses. The Constitution should be your guideline. Without it we’re all lost.

May I suggest that you agree to raising tax rates on incomes over $250,000, remove the limit on the social security tax, reinstate the social security tax to support that program nearly everyone depends on, and stop protecting the rich. President Bush really hurt the country with his favoring the rich schemes. It’s time to act with fairness to everyone. Leave Social Security and Medicare alone for now and go after all the other fat departments, with at least 25% spending cuts. It’s okay to allow some spending cuts in the Defense budget. It’s bloated too.

Now to deal with the Democrats, put the responsibility on them to cut spending in all departments which is only fair considering how big they have all grown in the last 15 years. When the spending cuts are instituted, the budget will balance. We are all sick of watching the two parties bicker like children over their pet programs and ignore the rest of the government. Most Americans want smaller government. So cut the spending across the board and bigger cuts in some areas, like the FDA and TSA. This is common sense to most of us watching this disgusting exhibition of lack of courage and principles.

By the way, President Obama has nothing to lose by sticking to his plan. It’s his last term and he doesn’t care if he throws the country into chaos. He loves chaos, where he can push his agenda. See what he’s doing with the killings in Connecticut. The media is selling his gun control agenda. Where are you and the Republican Party? Are you defending our Second Amendment rights? You’re allowing yourselves to go with the flow and selling out the American people and their inalienable right to bear arms (no limits).

Mitt Romney lost because he didn’t have strong Constitutional principles. Neither do you. If you don’t realize what you are doing, no one will be protecting this country from socialism. Can you step up to the plate and save us from ourselves? Do you have the courage to cut spending and shrink the government? (If you need further education I refer you to my book Why Gold? which I wrote in 1974, revised in 2010, and holds true today.)

We are counting on you to lead this country away from socialism and big government. Do it!

Leslie Bates,

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