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The Republicans & Democrats are Half-Brained

by leslie on August 17th, 2011

The Republicans are all head and no heart. The Democrats are all heart and no head. Let me explain. Republicans are usually for low taxes, small federal government and pro-business. They’re also for the right to bear arms and support wars, including a war on drugs; against abortion or pro-life; and seeking government support for the stock market, banks and their own projects. They are hard-headed businessmen without heart. Democrats are for high taxes to redistribute the wealth of other Americans, large federal government to implement programs to feed the poor, educate everyone, provide foreign & domestic aid to all, provide social services to everyone for every little thing. Democrats spend easily without thought of consequences. They want to take care of everyone; no one should suffer or struggle. They are bleeding hearts who feel without reason. My own senator, Patty Murray, comes to mind. I don’t think she’s ever found a government program that she didn’t support; money no object. Democrats support the right to an abortion, to do drugs, have a job, health insurance and a chicken in every pot. They oppose gun ownership.

Neither the Republicans or the Democrats are balanced. Neither one are for a sound currency backed by gold, because that would limit their power and control. A whole brained approach would include both right and left hemispheres and different outcomes. Our inalienable rights with the Bill of Rights are not to be divided between two parties and the voter left to choose which group of rights he wants at that time and what he’s willing to give up. The federal government has successfully used this approach to divide and conquer the nation.

The Democrats and the Republicans ought to be supporting the Constitution, which gives us all of our rights while diminishing none of them. Since they have proven that their own agendas are more important than our rights, we the people must demand our rights. A good place to start is supporting Ron Paul, who uses his whole brain. He supports the Constitution and eliminates those programs running contrary to it. He is the only truly qualified candidate for president.

We don’t have to settle for half-brained schemes. Republicans and Democrats who support individual rights over big government power deserve our support. Don’t let politicians keep pulling the wool over your eyes. Let them know you want all your rights and freedoms back. No more trying to take away our right to bear arms! No more high taxes, deficit-spending and inflation! No more destroying the dollar! Demand the right to own guns, gold, drugs, property, decide to abort or not to abort (not government’s domain or decision). We are a FREE people and ought to act like it. Let’s try FREEDOM for a change!

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