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by leslie on December 12th, 2012

The new catch phrase in the news is the Fiscal Cliff. What and where is it? This Cliff has been erroneously erected by the news media who are their usual ignorant selves. The Cliff has actually been in existence for about 100 years, since the formation of the Federal Reserve System. We have been falling off of it for nearly 100 years. The country is really closer to the bottom of the cliff than the top. The latest hoopla about the fiscal cliff ignores the fact that the dollar is nearly worthless as a result of the central bank’s (FRS) inflationary policy.

When will we hit bottom? Depends on what you want to call the bottom. If you’re retired and living on Social Security and running short on income, it probably feels like the bottom. If you can’t afford to stop working and retire, then you’re bouncing along the bottom. If the Democrats get away with not cutting spending while continuing to increase the national debt to spend outrageous amounts of money on social causes, wars, pork barrel projects, etc., etc., the bottom will be reached sooner rather than later. We will all feel it differently. In any case, it will hurt. The pain will radiate out from the pocketbook to all extremities. It will be extremely painful.

There is a cure. Elimination of the central bank, the Federal Reserve is paramount. Reigning in federal spending to match federal income (without a huge tax increase) is another. I wrote “WhyGold?” in 1974 and revised it in 2010. It goes into depth about the economic tyranny being propagated on the unsuspecting American public and its solution. When you understand the principles of what the government is doing, then you can protect yourself, your family and change government policies through your elected representatives. It is not too late to force government to change. We need an educated populace.

Let’s hear it for the Constitution! Let’s try FREEDOM for a change! FREEDOM FOREVER! Here’s hoping for a soft landing as WE make the fiscal cliff disappear into a golden sunset.

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