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by leslie on December 1st, 2011

The federal government has no incentive to fix the economy, to return to freedom or to save the country. It thrives on emergencies where it grabs more power through legislation to try to “fix” what it broke in the first place. The government create the Great Depression and used it to socialize political thinking. Today it has created another depression and is using it to expand its power. It will not fix the economy by de-regulating businesses, balancing the budget,or allowing market forces to bring order to the country. Why should it?

Governments create chaos to use it to their advantage. Our government almost came to a stop last summer. It formed a committee to figure out where it could cut spending to balance the budget. That deadline passed last month and no concensus was found. Where was the hue and cry to get government spending under control? Our government is de-stablizing the entire world with its inflationary, low interest rate policies, made possible by the Federal Reserve System. All the central banks are in trouble. Are any of them doing what they should be doing to strengthen their currency and economy? No! Are any of them balancing their budgets? No! All governments are in it together as they march toward a one world government! All we need is a global monetary crisis and the U.S. will lie down and give up “our” rights to whoever promises the fix the problem. They can see the end of the race, which is to destroy this country.

We are losing are rights at an unprecedented rate and who is complaining? Most Americans can’t even understand what I’m writing. Sports statistics are on the tip of their tongue. But what their representatives in government are doing is beyond them, nor do they care to find out.

The enemy is running for the finish line. They can see the end in sight. The average American doesn’t even realize he’s in a race for his life. Ron Paul is the ONLY candidate who sees clearly. Unless Americans wake up soon, all is lost. Government will not fix the economy or protect our rights.

By all means possible, the government is stealing our Second Amendment right to bear arms. It is giving away our rights to the UN. President Obama has outlawed the M1 rifle and stopped all importation to the country and will destroy the millions already here. The enemy is at our gates! There is no incentive for government to fix anything. We must force government to respect our rights. Supporting Ron Paul is the strongest way to protect ourselves. If Ron Paul isn’t elected, it won’t matter who is. Support Ron Paul Do it NOW!

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