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by leslie on June 16th, 2014

President Obama doesn’t feel comfortable discussing his ideas and plans with the Media, especially the Press, or Congress, and that includes both the Senate and the House, both Democrats and Republicans. He does feel comfortable speaking in front of crowds, especially college students, who are more awed by the Presidency than the President. In other words, President Obama cannot handle having his ideas/plans challenged. He shrinks from confrontation and defending his position. He prefers using “I” instead of “we”. He prefers to issue orders to his faithful minions rather than share his plans with the rest of us.

This “go it along” or “devil may care” attitude keeps biting him in popularity. He has the lowest rating of his presidency and will bring his fellow democrats down in the coming election. But he cannot do anything about his personality. His ideas/plans for the most part are indefensible and poorly constructed so he’s stuck with his forcing approach and he’s forced to take the consequences. To name a few failures: Obamacare (which he is forcing down the throats of States and individuals at the expense of the insurance market, elevating the IRS to the level of being his personal gestapo, and costing extra billions of dollars), using the IRS to remove Tea Party opposition, pushing Homosexual legislation that is destroying First Amendment rights of religious beliefs, Fast and Furious (which cost innocent lives and backfired) which he is hiding from by protecting Attorney General Holder), and currently the latest furor over returned prisoner Bergdahl.

He has also issued Presidental Orders over gun control that destroy our Second Amendment rights. Against Congress’s wishes he signed the Small Arms Treaty that will further erode American rights and sovereinty. He procrastinated the removal of American troops from Iraq and now that he’s finally putting a number and a time to their return home, he is confronted with uprisings in Iraq that are forcing him to return American forces back to Iraq. Where was his intelligence that left Iraq wide open to attack just as we pulled out our troops? Perhaps if President Obama hadn’t been so keen on supporting spying on Americans and encouraging the NSA, he would have been pushing for foreign intelligence of higher value.

President Obama’s pattern of non-cooperation with Congress and our allies, and his pattern of obfuscation with the American people smacks of either lack of self-confidence or a desire to get things done his way that won’t stand up under scrutiny. His high-handed methods remind me of Germany, 1936, where much evil was done undercover in the name of some good. The only way this type of person can be (and should be) stopped is by Impeachment. If only the House had the ambition to protect the nation as much as the President has the drive to undermine the nation.

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