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Jun 29 14


by leslie

House Speaker John Boehner is suing President Obama for “not faithfully executing the laws” and “subverting laws approved by Congress,” such as halting deportation of immigrants, expanding gay rights, and more. The President has used his Executive powers 23 times to destroy our Second Amendment. He is using Obamacare to destroy our health care system. He is using the IRS to destroy the Fourth Amendment, to obliterate the Tea Party and to enforce Obamacare. He is pushing Homosexual “rights” to obliterate our First Amendment rights to freedom of speech and freedom of religion. He is threatening to use executive power if Congress doesn’t support his unconstitutional ideas. This is tyranny!

Fox News showed that the Administration was blindsided 9 times: in Iraq and Ukraine, VA, IRS, Fast and Furious scandals, and four more. Perhaps the Administration didn’t notice these problems because it’s so focused on destroying America.
House Speaker Boehner is pussy-footing around the real issue. The arrogance of the Obama Administration smacks of Germany, 1936. Pres. Obama and his henchman, Senator Reid, the pit-bull of the Senate with the vicious mouth, have long over-stepped their Constitutional boundaries. The time for suing is passed. Dictators only understand superior force. IT IS TIME TO IMPEACH!

Jun 18 14


by leslie

According to Reid v. Covert, 354 U.S. 1 (1957), in a landmark case, the United States Supreme Court ruled “The Constitution supersedes international treaties ratified by the United States Senate.” This reinforces that the Bill of Rights is to protect the people from government, making parts of the Patriot Act, the NSA, and the IRS unconstitutional. It will also make the U.N. Small Arms Treaty, if passed by the Senate, null and void to the extent that it enfringes on national sovereignty and the Second Amendment.

It is our right and our duty to support the Constitution at every opportunity and to oppose tyranny in all its forms.

Jun 18 14


by leslie

We can learn from Benjamin Franklin how to keep integrity in newspapers. Franklin excluded all libelling and personal abuse. He said, “Whenever I was solicited to insert any thing of that kind, and the Writers pleaded as they generally did, the Liberty of the Press, and that a Newspaper was like a Stage Coach in which any one who would pay had a Right to a Place, my Answer was, that I would print the Piece separately if desired, and the Author might have as many Copies as he pleased to distribute himself, but that I would not take upon me to spread his Detraction, and that having contracted with my Subscribers to furnish them with what might be either useful or entertaining, I could not fill their Papers with private Altercation in which they had no Concern without doing them manifest Injustice.”
(“The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin”, 1771, The Easton Press, 1976, p. 124)

Franklin said many other newspapers printed malice of individuals by false accusations, augmenting animosity leading to pernicious consequences. He cautioned young printers against these practices and encouraged them “not to pollute their Presses and disgrace their Profession by such infamous Practices, but refuse steadily.

Newspapers should print only the truth, the facts and that which is edifying and wholesome.

Jun 16 14


by leslie

Eric Cantor would rather play dumb than admit he lost his job because he was colluding with the enemy. He was working with the President to infringe on Second Amendment rights, according to the National Association for Gun Rights, June 11, 2014.

“Eric Cantor refused to answer his National Association for Gun Rights candidate survey every single time he was asked. Contrast that with Dave Brat who enthusiastically filled out his survey 100% in favor of your right to keep and bear arms.

Instead of answering important questions and standing by your Second Amendment rights, Eric Cantor used his position as Majority Leader to betray them when it counted. In early 2013, the anti-gunners and their allies in the media started screaming for new Federal gun control. Eric Cantor was one of the first Republicans to beat the war drums for gun control alongside radical anti-gun Democrats.

Cantor was prepared to support anti-gun legislation just like he did as Delegate in the Virginia General Assembly when he voted for the draconian one-gun-a-month gun rationing scheme and to ban self-defense shotguns back in 1993. Sure enough, just two weeks ago, Cantor did it again. Eric Cantor voted to spend $20 million more on Obama’s anti-gun agenda.”

The voters of Virginia have spoken. Let’s hope all liberty-loving Americans speak loud and clear during the Primaries and especially in November.

Jun 16 14


by leslie

President Obama doesn’t feel comfortable discussing his ideas and plans with the Media, especially the Press, or Congress, and that includes both the Senate and the House, both Democrats and Republicans. He does feel comfortable speaking in front of crowds, especially college students, who are more awed by the Presidency than the President. In other words, President Obama cannot handle having his ideas/plans challenged. He shrinks from confrontation and defending his position. He prefers using “I” instead of “we”. He prefers to issue orders to his faithful minions rather than share his plans with the rest of us.

This “go it along” or “devil may care” attitude keeps biting him in popularity. He has the lowest rating of his presidency and will bring his fellow democrats down in the coming election. But he cannot do anything about his personality. His ideas/plans for the most part are indefensible and poorly constructed so he’s stuck with his forcing approach and he’s forced to take the consequences. To name a few failures: Obamacare (which he is forcing down the throats of States and individuals at the expense of the insurance market, elevating the IRS to the level of being his personal gestapo, and costing extra billions of dollars), using the IRS to remove Tea Party opposition, pushing Homosexual legislation that is destroying First Amendment rights of religious beliefs, Fast and Furious (which cost innocent lives and backfired) which he is hiding from by protecting Attorney General Holder), and currently the latest furor over returned prisoner Bergdahl.

He has also issued Presidental Orders over gun control that destroy our Second Amendment rights. Against Congress’s wishes he signed the Small Arms Treaty that will further erode American rights and sovereinty. He procrastinated the removal of American troops from Iraq and now that he’s finally putting a number and a time to their return home, he is confronted with uprisings in Iraq that are forcing him to return American forces back to Iraq. Where was his intelligence that left Iraq wide open to attack just as we pulled out our troops? Perhaps if President Obama hadn’t been so keen on supporting spying on Americans and encouraging the NSA, he would have been pushing for foreign intelligence of higher value.

President Obama’s pattern of non-cooperation with Congress and our allies, and his pattern of obfuscation with the American people smacks of either lack of self-confidence or a desire to get things done his way that won’t stand up under scrutiny. His high-handed methods remind me of Germany, 1936, where much evil was done undercover in the name of some good. The only way this type of person can be (and should be) stopped is by Impeachment. If only the House had the ambition to protect the nation as much as the President has the drive to undermine the nation.

Feb 7 14


by leslie

I’m looking at some new postage stamps I bought. Underneath the flying flag each stamp says Liberty, Freedom, or Equality. What’s wrong Equality? The word Equality has a political meaning that is the opposite of Liberty and Freedom. The slogan of the French Revolution was Liberty, Equality and Fraternity. It was the focus on equality that beheaded the French King and Queen and hundreds of others, and lead to the rise of the dictator Napoleon Bonaparte.

There is no such thing as liberty, freedom and equality. By definition, liberty and freedom mean inequality of wealth, means, personal choices, traits, and so forth. Liberty and freedom mean one is free to choose his/her path in life. We are all equal under the Constitution, which protects our right to choose our way of life (and be responsible for the consequences of our choices).

We are NOT free to choose for others, to equalize incomes and wealth, to rob Peter to pay Paul, to force one group to support another, or to tax some in order to increase the income of others. This is socialism and communism. This is the true meaning of Equality. It leads to the extinguishing of freedom and liberty.

President Obama likes to use the word Equality often. He says his use of executive orders is to promote equality. He is knowingly misleading Americans into a false security if he thinks razing the middle class to poverty will achieve equality. The poor will still remain poor, and the middle class will join them. The new rich class will be government bureaucrats, czars, politicians, and those who side with the administration of injustice in the name of Equality.

The government is already spending billions of dollars it does not have. Someone will have to pay for it. Guess who? Those with the money,the middle class of course, are already paying higher taxes. All of us are being taxed and made poorer through inflation. Even the young who are just starting out are expected to pay for Obamacare. We are now witnessing the equalizing of the classes. Obamacare isn’t about health care. Its sole purpose is to rob from the haves to give to the have-nots, to support socialism and bigger government, and eventually lead to the nationalization of the health care industry, where everyone looses (except government).

Beware of Equality! It will lead the nation away from freedom into poverty and slavery, paving the way for a dictator.

Feb 15 13


by leslie

If a meteor falls from the sky and shatters a million square feet of glass and no one is there to hear it, does it make a noise? In a town of one million people near the Urals in Russia, today’s meteor by breaking the sound barrier, shattered glass and sent 944 people to the local hospital for care. If those people had not existed, the breaking of the sound barrier and/or the shattering of the glass would have definitely made noise. No one needs to be there to witness the noise. So, if a tree falls in the forest (or anywhere else), does it make a noise? The resounding answer is YES!

That concludes our physics lesson for today. Now for our economic lesson. When Congress passes legislation that negatively impacts us, does any one notice it?

Dec 31 12


by leslie

Our federal government is as dysfunctional as most toxic families today. The president represents the parent, overstepping its authority, bossing around the children and robbing them of their independence. The Republicans represent the male side of the family, strong and pro military, no patience with the old and infirm. The Democrats represent the female side, weak bleeding hearts afraid to stand up for what’s right, always trying to bail out the underdog, robbing him/her of their independence. It’s no wonder the government can’t get anything productive done. This cliff hanging business finally shows their true incompetence.

The two parties have taken their labels as their identities and refuse to change, evolve or grow up. The nation is disgusted with their childish bickering. No matter what they decide, the country is going over the cliff into financial oblivion. Neither party has the country’s welfare in mind, only segments of it. Why do the Democrats keep bringing up the military budget while the Republicans bring up Social Security? Why isn’t the rest of the government on the table? Why isn’t the total cost of running our government discussed? I could take a red pencil to most of those departments and balance the budget in short order.

The entire cost of our government is beyond our ability to pay for it. And we don’t need most of it. It only gets in our way. We need to demand an entire shrinkage of the federal government. I would start with Obamacare, which is one of the worst pieces of legislation ever passed. It ruins insurance coverage while setting up a bureaucracy unseen in this country, but similar to those in Hitler’s Germany. The cost is prohibitive. Unless repealed, it alone will push us over the cliff, never to see freedom in the marketplace again. It is tyrannical.

Of course the Republicans voted for it, but now don’t want to pay for it with higher taxes on the “rich.” Obamacare was set up to be funded from taxes on the middle and rich classes. Oops! Didn’t the Republicans read the bill before supporting it?

Getting back to our dysfunctional government, there are many institutional problems that need to be fixed. Our government as it operates today is incapable of fixing it. Here is what I suggest:

The presidency has too much power, pushing legislation detrimental to the country. It needs to lose its executive orders privilege. Power must revert back to Congress, which must assume its rightful responsibility of passing fair laws with justice to all. Congress must stop looking to the president as their leader. Congress must lead with the entire country in mind and honoring the Constitution. Making deals with big pharmaceuticals, oil companies, milk industry, farm subsidies, military/industrial complex, etc., etc. will not do. That’s one of the biggest downfalls of this country. Congress must stand for something other than special interest groups.

Congress needs to declare its independence from its parent, the president. Congress must put on the blindfold of justice and seek fair legislation, not seeking aid for one group over an other.

I could go on and on, but until the public demands responsible elected officials nothing will change. If the electorate knew the scores in Congress as well as it knows the sports scores, we would have an informed electorate receiving the justice it expects from the government it’s paying for.

As with every toxic family, someone must pull away from the group and stand independently, willing to take responsibility for its actions. The president sure won’t. Who will it be? Or maybe we must traverse the fiscal cliff to hit rock bottom before the country wakes up.

This is what I wrote about in 1974 in “Why Gold?” The answers to all these problems are in the book. That’s why I revised it in 2010. I hope you’ll educate yourself to not only save yourself and family from tyranny, but to keep the United States a free country.

Dec 22 12


by leslie


Dear Sir:
The Republican Party seems to be in disarray and without an agenda, while the Democrats have a clear-cut plan to socialize the United States. As House Speaker you are not leading, but allowing the country to struggle as it loses its fundamental principles. I am suggesting that you lead your party back to the Constitution for the safety of your party as well as the country.

The current predicament facing the nation is a result of lines dividing the parties and the nation. I propose that you take a good look at what you are proposing and consider using common sense to steer us back to reality. For example, why are you determined to cut Medicare and Social Security when there are countless bloated departments that need trimming? Several come to mind: the FDA which you gave unprecedented power is interfering with private business is way too big with a bureaucracy setting its own rules of conduct, acting unconstitutionally. Others are the FTC, FCC, the Dept. of Education, which should be repealed, TSA, BLM, etc., etc. All of these should be chopped in half for the good of the country.

Since your party distanced itself from Ron Paul’s platform, the Republicans have nowhere to go and no principles to guide it. The country is being socialized by the Democrats because they have a plan and you don’t. The Republicans are looking pretty sad these days as it parries with the Democrats and loses. The Constitution should be your guideline. Without it we’re all lost.

May I suggest that you agree to raising tax rates on incomes over $250,000, remove the limit on the social security tax, reinstate the social security tax to support that program nearly everyone depends on, and stop protecting the rich. President Bush really hurt the country with his favoring the rich schemes. It’s time to act with fairness to everyone. Leave Social Security and Medicare alone for now and go after all the other fat departments, with at least 25% spending cuts. It’s okay to allow some spending cuts in the Defense budget. It’s bloated too.

Now to deal with the Democrats, put the responsibility on them to cut spending in all departments which is only fair considering how big they have all grown in the last 15 years. When the spending cuts are instituted, the budget will balance. We are all sick of watching the two parties bicker like children over their pet programs and ignore the rest of the government. Most Americans want smaller government. So cut the spending across the board and bigger cuts in some areas, like the FDA and TSA. This is common sense to most of us watching this disgusting exhibition of lack of courage and principles.

By the way, President Obama has nothing to lose by sticking to his plan. It’s his last term and he doesn’t care if he throws the country into chaos. He loves chaos, where he can push his agenda. See what he’s doing with the killings in Connecticut. The media is selling his gun control agenda. Where are you and the Republican Party? Are you defending our Second Amendment rights? You’re allowing yourselves to go with the flow and selling out the American people and their inalienable right to bear arms (no limits).

Mitt Romney lost because he didn’t have strong Constitutional principles. Neither do you. If you don’t realize what you are doing, no one will be protecting this country from socialism. Can you step up to the plate and save us from ourselves? Do you have the courage to cut spending and shrink the government? (If you need further education I refer you to my book Why Gold? which I wrote in 1974, revised in 2010, and holds true today.)

We are counting on you to lead this country away from socialism and big government. Do it!

Leslie Bates,

Dec 20 12


by leslie

We already have gun control. All guns are registered when they are purchased, except for criminals of course. Only criminals and government want gun controls. The federal government wants to go far beyond banning assault weapons, but using the current anti-gun atmosphere is another step toward confiscating our guns, which it’s been trying to do for decades.

Our government uses tragedies, catastrophes and emergencies to push its agenda. The latest killings of 20 innocent children in Connecticut will add fuel to the gun control craze sweeping the country as the media builds the government’s case for gun control. Missing from the equation, however, is coverage of law-abiding, innocent citizens who use their firearms in self-protection. The media and government ignore the fact that “studies indicate that firearms are used more than 2 million times a year for personal protection and that the presence of a firearm, without a shot being fired, prevents crime in many instances…” (America’s 1st Freedom, January 2013, p. 28).

Also ignored is the fact that wherever guns are banned, crime soars. This is common sense. Criminals will not be deterred by outlawing gun ownership, even assault rifles. But with gun ownership, innocent lives have been saved. For one example, “Kendra St. Clair, a 12-year-old at home alone one day during her fall break, called her mother at work to say there was a man repeatedly ringing the doorbell and banging on the door. When no one answered the door, she said he disappeared. St. Clair’s mother instructed her daughter to get her .40-cal. Glock pistol and go into a bathroom closet. St. Clair heard him break in through the back door. As the man made his way through her home, 9-1-1 dispatchers kept St Clair on the phone. He was inside the home for approximately six minutes before he made his way to the bathroom where St. Clair was hiding. When she saw the doorknob begin to turn, she fired the gun. The 32-year-old intruder was taken into custody after being treated for a gunshot to the chest.” (The Oklahoman, Durant, Okla., 10/20/12, as quoted in America’s 1st Freedom). If this were your daughter, wouldn’t you be grateful you owned a gun? Innocent citizens, young and old, at home and at work, have protected themselves because they were armed.

More to the point, the right to bear arms is as fundamental as the right to life, liberty and property. It was the private ownership of guns that won the American Revolution. When Sam Adams cried, “To arms! To arms! Turnout with your guns!”, forty thousand New Englanders were ready to march for the liberation of Boston. Today, with government expanding its power into our lives with its regulations, inflation, wars, taxation, welfarism, laws intruding on private conduct, etc., we may have to resort to guns to refresh the tree of liberty, as Thomas Jefferson suggested.

The time to fight tyranny is when people still have their constitutional rights, and arms to protect and defend those rights. An unarmed populace is a ruled populace. Only armed citizens are free and can retain their freedom, by force, if necessary. Don’t be lulled into thinking all is secure. History has proven that governments are not to be trusted, and ours is no exception. The U.N. Arms Trade Treaty, which the Obama administration is supporting, is supposed to be for international trade only. Personally, since history has taught me to distrust government, I don’t trust the U.N. to have our best interest at heart. Furthermore, President Obama seems to be doing all he can to weaken the United States.

In 1798, the Philadelphia Aurora printed the Dinwiddie County, Virginia resolutions that opposed regular armies as dangerous to liberty. Here are excerpts: “… [standing armies] have always been subservient to the views of the Executive Department, from which they derive their honors and emoluments…; because a people, accustomed to look for protection from external violence to a standing army, become abject, debased, and gradually enslaved; but knowing themselves to be the only defenders of their country, soon acquire that discipline and courage which insure safety, not only from foreign enemies but domestic tyrants…” (Justice or Revolution, Leslie Snyder Bates, 1980, p. 171.)

The strongest countries arm their citizens. Switzerland has never been conquered and needs no standing army. Every able-bodied man between the ages of 18 and 45 owns a rifle and is trained to use it. Finland was the only country to repel Russian military advances during WWII and remained free. They had a self-disciplined, well-trained, highly armed citizenry. Israel exists today because of its armed citizenry.

In 1976, Ferris E. Lucas, Executive Director of the National Sheriffs’ Association, said, “If our guns are taken away from us, murders and robberies will increase. If law-abiding citizens had no guns for protection, and the only people with guns were the criminals, we would be helpless.” Los Angeles Chief of Police Edward Davis said privately owned guns provide personal and national defense. (Ibid, p. 173.)

Gun control is really people control. The evil of gun control is it opposes all sense of justice. It proves there is no end to government’s arrogant, diabolical and tyrannical intentions. More crimes are committed because more criminals are walking the streets due to our lax justice system, not because law-abiding citizens are in possession of firearms which they are using in a responsible manner. Guns were confiscated in Germany, Czechoslovakia, Hungary, and Cuba before dictatorships took over.

“When states passed gun carry laws, the number of multiple-victim shootings declined by 84 percent. Deaths from these shootings plummeted on average by 90 percent and injuries by 82 percent. The total number of accidental gun deaths each year is about 1,300 and each year such accidents take the lives of 200 children 14 years of age and under. However, these regrettable numbers of lives lost need to be put into some perspective with the other risks children face. Despite over 200 million guns owned by between 76 to 85 million people, the children killed is much smaller than the number lost through bicycle accidents, drowning, and fires. Children are 14.5 times more likely to die from car accidents than from accidents involving guns.” (Interview with John R. Lott, author of More Guns, Less Crime: Understanding Crime and Gun Control Laws, 1998.)

No laws to limit gun ownership should be passed at this time when emotions are running high. Any movement to disarm Americans must be met with absolute resistance. Gun control is immoral and unconstitutional. All officials who violate their oath of office by advocating and/or supporting gun control laws are guilty of attempting to subvert the Constitution. That’s treason!
Leslie Bates,