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Washington Senator Patty Murray

by leslie on August 11th, 2011

There once was a Senator named Murray
Who spent taxpayers’ money without worry.
    The day finally came
    When she realized it was lame,
And stopped doing her constituents the dirty.
She was appointed to the debt-reduction committee
To push the Democratic line to a Tee.
    When it came time to raise taxes,
    She instead axed it,
To her constituents’ everlasting glee.
Senator Murray finally realized the hurry,
And voted to cut spending without worry.
    She stopped funding a bloated government
    Realizing that’s what liberty & freedom meant,
At last her constituents were proud of Senator Murray.
But the saga doesn’t stop here
As she held her liberty-loving principles dear.
    She left Social Security & Medicare alone as they weren’t the mess
    And allowed the marketplace to clean up the economy & mortgages worthless.
With government out of the way, the country had nothing to fear.
The Washington Senator named Murray
Witnessed the strength in the economy in a hurry.
    The stock market and interest rates rose
    While government spending froze
She saved the country from depression and much worry.
Hurray for Senator Murray!

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